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Among the 250 best movies selected by IMDB, the gangster movies《教父》and《教父2》ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively.《教父》The series of films was changed from the Italian-American writer Mario Puzo's movie of the same name.《教父》starring Marlon Brando at the Oscar Academy Awards, which won the best film, best 11 awards including the leading role. The godfather Vito Corleone is named after his birth in the town of Corleone, which is located in Palermo, Sicily, and is now the centre of Sicily's economy, culture and tourism. The Italian Mafia is widely known because of the decline in the tourism economy in Sicily today, officials have said things to the Mafia.

Sicily has been controlled by Phoenician, Carthage, Greece and Rome. In the Roman era, the Mediterranean Sea was the inland lake of the Roman Empire. Sicily was located in the middle of the Great Lakes. It was a commercial place, and it was bustling and quiet under the protection of the Empire. After the late Western Roman Empire and its demise, Sicily was encroached by the Germanic tribes. In the middle of the 6th century, the Byzantine Empire (the Eastern Roman Empire) Emperor Justinian I launched the Gothic War in order to restore the glory of the Roman Empire. Sicily became the base and springboard for Byzantine to enter Italy, and for the next few hundred years, Sicily It has been under the control of the Byzantine Empire.



827年,拜占庭新任西西里总督帕拉塔上任,当地军官奥赫米奥组织了招待会。新任州长沉迷于军官的妻子,并想占有自己。奥赫米奥的愤怒烧了。在整个西西里岛,它引发了拜占庭的驱逐浪潮。事故的另一个版本是军官O'Hemio想要当作妻子担任修女。皇帝听到了总督的命令,如果是的话,就切断了军官的鼻子。奥赫米奥为了自我保护而杀害了州长并领导了军队起义。这两个论点是不一致的。西西里人的起义应该与拜占庭的长期征税和奥黑米奥的个人抱负毫无关系。为了实现这一目标,奥赫米奥发现了撒拉逊人的帮助。他相信撒拉逊人会像以前一样,他可以利用拜占庭军队的机会被削弱,他将成为西西里岛的国王。 Ohmio没想到的是撒拉逊人在这段时间之后没有离开。



由于缺乏军事计划和下属的控制,撒拉逊人在西西里岛到处开花,互相争斗。阿萨德走得很深,然后去了西西里岛的东部,然后是行政中心 Syracuse,然后做了有些令人费解的事情。他命令在锡拉丘兹周围实施焦土战术。这种比赛通常只适应防守方面。顽固不化的荒野并没有给对方提供“因为粮食和敌人”的机会,例如面对即将到来的法国军队和德国军队,俄罗斯人习惯于主动。阿萨德的焦土政策迅速使他的部队陷入饥荒,马匹不得不杀死他们。这次殴打已经持续了10个月,尽管拜占庭式的增援部队遭遇了失败,但是锡拉丘兹站在一堵强墙上,撒拉逊人生病和虚弱,而且这一数字急剧下降。已经战斗了一年的撒拉逊人从来没有在西西里岛休息的地方,这确实是指挥官的失望。


Although there are still many contradictions between Rome and Byzantium, they are the same faith. In the face of Islamic attacks, the Roman Catholic Church still tried to do some work. Pope Gregory IV was everywhere, and the security company touched a nose and did not achieve results in Venice. Pizza is willing to provide ships, but there are no soldiers. Finally, the Count of Bonifacio, who was responsible for the defense of the Tyrrhenian Sea in the Holy Roman Empire, felt the Sacred Heart of the Pope and decided to send troops to help. He also remembered a "good" idea of Wei Wei Zhao.

Bonifacio led his troops to land in North Africa, killing all the way to Tunisia, and rescued the Christians who were slaves in accordance with the agreement of the pope. After expanding the army, he marched into the enemy's nest, Kairouan. Bonifacio successfully defeated the defender of Kairouan, and the chief of Tunisia fled. The strange thing is that the distress signal sent by the Islamic headquarters to Sicily has not been answered by Assad. It was not known to both sides of the war. At this time Assad was already sick and died, and the distress signal sent out was not received at all. Bonifacio has done everything, but he has not counted this point and has become a funny case in military history.


The Saracens’ siege of Syracuse lasted for three years and remained unsuccessful. The subsequent Saracens adjusted their goal to Palermo, the hometown of the godfather Vito. There are about 70,000 people in the city of Palermo, and they have been fighting for one year. No Christian has come to the rescue. The governor and the bishop fled to Italy by boat. The monks without the boat could only run along the path and all the way after being arrested. Although the defeat of the army is mostly the responsibility of the leading cadres, they always have a way to escape the birth of the day, and the sacrifice of the pot is always a small soldier. When Palermo fell, there were only 3,000 people left in the city. Except for those who could still move and were transported by ship, the rest were killed.

xx在巴勒莫沦陷后的很长一段时间里,拜占庭皇帝组织了一场自命不凡的军事行动。他任命女婿亚历克西斯为西西里岛州长组建救援军。凭借热情和能力,亚历克西斯成功地招募了小亚细亚的士兵和船只,但它引起了皇帝的怀疑,并将他召回监狱。 Alexis Wanyan是灰色的,他宣布他不得不放弃对宗教的所有承诺并被释放。他消失在海里,没有消息。最后,它比岳爷爷的结局强一点。